Meeting with the Commissioner, Summer, 1979.


Connecticut. General Assembly. Legislative Program Review and Investigations Committee. Mental Health in Connecticut. Hartford, Conn. : The Committee, 1979.

Extraordinary Meeting of Highly Regarded People--Summer, 1979

A. Call to Order and Sign-In.

A Special Meeting of Extraordinary People has been called to order this day, Summer, 1979. All who are present, are present, and so we will begin.

B. Unfinished Business 

Dr. Walter and Dr. Smith both reported positive results from recent "Touch-A-Snake" experimental series down in the blue room. Dr. Walter described the 20 Female Normal Controls which he personally hand-selected from hospital personnel and local colleges as, "A really really good time." Dr. Smith affirmed Walter's conclusions by adding, "Wicked good. Seriously wicked good."

C. New Business

1. Dan Bloomhouse noted that the quality of care at the hospital still sucks really really bad. He asked if anyone thought the staffing levels at the hospital were adequate for treating the mentally ill?

2. Nancy Palumbo said hell no, not even close. She mentioned the patient population to nursing staff ratio at the hospital being something like 798 to 48. She said that's like sixteen patients to every one nurse. 

3. Someone (Name_____?) blurted out, "Oh Jesus."

4. Dan Bloomhouse said he's not f**kin surprised. Shit has been bad like this forever but no one cares so long as the deep pockets upstairs keep getting filled.

5. Darryl Wolpe chimed in and said someone owes him money. Last month his envelope was light about a quarter stack and he's not happy about it.

6. Dr. Smith asked if anyone at the meeting knew of any college girls that needed to make fast money the hard way to please send them to his office down in the blue room after dark.

7. Dr. Walter said, "Same here. Hard money fast. The other the blue room, across from Smith, directly across the hall."

8. Dr. Smith added that if he finds out anyone tells his wife anything about anything at this hospital, including where he works, in which building, doing whatever it is anyone thinks he does, that person will most certainly get a special field trip to the incinerator. 

D. Additional Information

Next Extraordinary Meeting of Highly Regarded People to be held in the same place and at same time next week.

E. Adjournment

On motion by Dr. Walters, seconded by Dr. Smith, Chair Wolpe declared the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy D. Palumbo


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