We are rebel creators inspired by the people and moments which inform our world of experience. Our stories are mere reflections of the beauty we see all around us--the remarkable in the mundane, the exceptional in the ordinary. We invite you into our world, to share in the triumphs and tragedies, and to help discover what it is that unites us in these times rather than separates and divides.

With grateful hearts-- Bryant and John.

“The whole forest was peopled with frightful sounds--the creaking of the trees, the howling of wild beasts, and the yell of Indians; while sometimes the wind tolled like a distant church bell, and sometimes gave a broad roar around the traveler, as if all Nature were laughing him to scorn. But he was himself the chief horror of the scene, and shrank not from its other horrors.”

― Nathaniel Hawthorne, "Young Goodman Brown"