Latitude/Longitude: 40.772206, -113.981282

The Silver Island Loop is a 54 mile loop that weaves through Utah's Great Basin and encircles the Silver Island Mountain range situated against the northwestern side of the Bonneville Salt Flats. The loop provides access to the Silver Island Mountains via an interconnected backcountry network of dirt roads consisting of ruddy clay, crushed limestone, loose rocks & deep ruts. On either side of the road, meadows of scant vegetation extend across the barren desert landscape; an uninhabitable countryside of tan and beige dotted with blooming ricegrass, ephedra, sagebrush and juniper. It's a rather desolate looking stretch of sterile landscape. The place is devoid of perennial rivers, streams or brooks. There is no romantic mountain spring bubbling about at the basin of some lush bombastic canyon. There are no wild ruminating fantasies of building a home here among the rocky outcroppings, desert shrubs and dry grasses. The Silver Island Loop is home to barren wonder, jagged mountain peaks, rocky slopes, sparsely populated drought-resistant plants, reptiles, coyotes, birds and small rodents. It is filled with a rich history of erosion and exploration, tragedy and triumph.



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