The Rebel 100

The invitation read as follows (loose translation):

Dear Highly Distinguished and Presumably Honorable Guest,

John Ryland, Rebel Chief Commander of Classified Moto's Wayward Karaoke Brigade, in tandem with Rebel Bourbon and Lux Row Distilleries, Makers of 100 Proof Rebel 100 Kentucky Straight Bourbon and other Fine Celestial Spirits, request the pleasure of your attendance at the Inaugural Running of the Rebel 100, at Ten O' Clock in the Morning, Saturday, the Twenty-Fourth of May, this Year of the Tiger.

Warmest Regards,

The Rebel Forces

P.S. The REBEL BAR is OPEN all weekend. It's not only OPEN, it's FREE (Courtesy of Our Good Friends @ Rebel Bourbon and Lux Row Distilleries). Drink Responsibility. No Drinking Before Racing. Don't Be A Fucking Jerk. No Drama. Tip Your Bartenders. Have Fun. Be Safe. Let's PARTY!!!

The Inaugural Running of The Rebel 100 was a kickass invitation-only 100 mile minibike race spread out over two days on a 15-acre plot of open field beside a quiet lake in Charles City, VA. An experiment in how much fun adult humans can have together over the span of two days in an open field, the weekend agenda included seven killer live bands (Riot Queen, The Folly, Mel Machete, Deau Eyes, Vulcanite, Long Arms, and Prabir Trior), evening karaoke solos & duets (Paradise by the Dashboard Light), camping, a food truck (1115 Mobile Kitchen), top-shelf booze at the OPEN FREE BAR (Rebel 100 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Pearl Vodka, Lady Bligh Spiced Rum, Green Hat Gin, Exotico Tequilla, Vita Frute Hard Seltzer), lakefront skinny-dipping (why not), and a hell-raising bonfire (rained-out). 

The brainchild of John Ryland & Friends at Classified Moto in Virginia, this event is truly something special. Words cannot express how grateful were are to have been a part of this inaugural experience. The event is exceptional, the people are extraordinary.

The two-day format kicked off on a Saturday morning @ 10am when the flood gates to the campground opened & all event invitees  began arriving for check-in at the registration booth and personal campsite setups. For those guests who wished to compete in the two-day-minibike-ultra-marathon-relay-race, there was a basic competency test to pass before the action got underway. The minibikes, pull-start automatic "twist and go" models powered by 196cc engines with throttles on the right handlebar and rear brake levers on the left, were provided courtesy of Classified Moto. 5 teams of approximately 10 riders each quickly assembled at high noon in the pit area beside the med tent. And from that point forward, shit was on.



The temperature rose to a scorching 103 degrees by mid-afternoon on Saturday which transformed the half-mile track into one-part pulverized sawdust, one-part arid dry dirt, and one-part pure particle dust.  Like gangs of minibike marauders hellbent on terrorizing the wasteland of some post-apocalyptic world, out into the dust turbine they raced, one after another, throttles pinned, tops optional.


Name: Wez | Occupation: Lieutenant | Gang: Lord Hummungus' Marauders

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