It's A Very Nice Blue

"Down the hall to the blue room on the left. Take a seat. The proctor will be in shortly."

It's quite a nice blue this blue is. It's not a deep blue or a dark blue or a hard blue. It's more of a clerical blue, a color well-suited for paperwork sorting and organizing, maintaining and shredding. I could add numbers, enter data, send facsimiles in this room. If I had an electric pencil sharpener, I would mount it to the wall above a metal paper waste basket and below a standard issue clock. This blue lends itself to strong written and oral communication skills. I feel like it was invented by highly technical people with superior office management skills. Memos are written on blush-rose sticky notes in rooms like these. Some memos are written on oversized canary-yellow legal pads in bigger rooms with  great oblong tables and then brought back here for Xerox photocopying and collating. I like this room. It feels administrative. There is a sense of due diligence about this place. I want to process words on paper when I'm here, slam the carriage return lever with my fist, start a new line, type like the Devil got into me.






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